Web 3.0 – The battle for the future of the internet

Handshake Domains

Web 3.0 – The battle for the future of the internet

Ethereum ENS Vs Unstoppable Domains Vs Handshake HNS

Web 3.0 – The battle for the future of the internet

Looking to fill up your ether wallet with Ethereum? Don’t know where to start but read all the Ethereum news? You looked at Ethereum Mining, Ethereum Wallet, and Ethereum Value, and scoured the internet trying to understand and learn crypto but still don’t know where to start. We urge you to check out Web 3.0 and crypto domains. Think of web3 as Bitcoin Meets the beginning of the internet. What would you do if you could turn back the clock and buy a great domain name before they were all snatched up?


Web 3.0 – Ethereum Domains – Limited Application

Have you looked at Ethereum Domains, ENS, or .eth domains? Ethereum domains are one of three solutions to solving the Web 3.0 problem (we will get to this a little later). In my review of the three players, I found that Ethereum domains have one major disadvantage to Unstoppable Domains and Handshake domains – Eth domains rely on DNS! For this reason and this reason alone, I have totally avoided Ethereum domains. Many folks made a lot of money a few months ago reselling names, at one point in time 3 digit domains were selling for upward of $60,000.


Unstoppable Domains – The Bully in the room

Unstoppable Domains are a popular and viable solution to many Web 2.0 problems. When comparing the big 3 players in Web 3.0, I find Unstoppable Domains and Handshake Domains to be very similar in capabilities and features. I am personally avoiding Unstoppable Domains because of their recent lawsuit against Gateway.io. Without getting into too much detail about their lawsuit, it is my opinion (and many others) that they used their venture capital to force their competitors out of business (the TLD .wallet). If you read the details of their case, they got denied for a patent, were a year later to bring .wallet to production than Handshake, and drove a small business out of business. Essentially this turned much of the crypto community against them.


Handshake Domains – Leading the Battle for Web 3.0


Lastly and my favorite, Handshake Domains. Whenever I review a company, product, stock, etc.. I like to understand adoption and acceptance. For this reason, I chose Handshake Domains to be my favorite to win Web 3.0 Dominance. Check out these stats:


Web 3.0 – Handshake Domain Overview

1. Web3 Registrations

Handshake / HNS Domains have more registered domains than Ethereum Domains & Unstoppable Domains combined. – Per https://altroots.com/stats/ (I love this website BTW, up-to-the-minute updates) –

Web3 Registration Statistics (09-10-22)

  • Handshake Domains        – 6,885,756
  • Ethereum Domains          – 1,913,693
  • Unstoppable Domains     – 1,474,755


2. Web3 Acquisitions

Namecheap.com purchased Namebase.io. Who is Namecheap? Namecheap is the second largest Domain Registrar on Web 2.0 with an estimated profit of 234 million dollars in 2021.

handshake Domains

Why am I mentioning this? Well, they understand the Domain Business in Web 2.0 and Bet big on Handshake Domains and Web 3.0. with the purchase of Namebase.io and they also purchased the TLD .s on Handshake for $750,000. In addition to these purchases, Namecheap.com has started to offer Handshake Domains available to the public on their website.

3. Web3 Adoption.

As everyone in tech knows, adoption is the key to acceptance and wide usage. Before any tech goes mainstream, there must be a strong community that champions the product or technology. Before Unstoppable decided to start filing lawsuits, there was a thriving community and support for Unstoppable Domains. Bradley Kam waged war against the crypto community and this goes against everything decentralized technology and the folks that support this tech stand for. I strongly believe over the next few years you will see Handshake Explode and Unstoppable wither up and die.

4. Emoji Domains

What in the world are Emoji Domains? In web 3.0 you can use emojis as a domain name, crypto wallet address, social media handle, email address, or use your imagination (exploits, phishing, immutable c2c server, or perhaps even some attack vector we haven’t considered). Emoji domain names are the same as any other name on Handshake but cooler. Why do I say cooler? Well, if owning a single rocket emoji or some other cool combo of emojis doesn’t give you instant internet clout, how about the crown emoji domain selling last month for 777,777 HNS or roughly $56,000 US Dollars at the time of sale? That’s pretty freak-in cool in my book!



War for Web 3.0 Dominance Conclusion

If you’re new to crypto or just curious about the latest trends, it’s time to check out Web 3.0 – Handshake Domains (HNS), Ethereum Domains (ENS), & Unstoppable Domains. Whether you are just looking to invest, want to understand Web 3.0, learn the differences between the major players, or are curious about what all the buzz is about, there is a lot of momentum, chatter, and websites popping up all over the place. I will be publishing more Web 3.0, Handshake Howto articles, step-by-step instructions, and recent news. We love the technology, community, and possibilities. Cheers!!

Web 3.0 – The battle for the future of the internet Web 3.0 – The battle for the future of the internet Web 3.0 – The battle for the future of the internet Web 3.0 Features of Web 3.0


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