Web 3.0 Trademark and Brand Protection

Who are we?

Our team brings over 100 years of tech and sales experience to the table. We are living on the bleeding edge of Web 3.0 and active in many of the Web 3.0 communities. In addition, we are actively developing Web 3.0 technologies and regularly contribute to Web 3.0 community.

Our services

Every engagement starts with a phone call to understand your business needs. We take this time to help identify your company’s current and future trademarks and brand names.

Once we have a list of the names that you are looking to protect, a friendly member of our staff will do a deep dive to fully understand what names are still available and other names which you potentially have missed out on.

In addition to the names and permutations, we will also identify non-conforming names which can be used as an attack vector. Our research goes VERY deep, with the emergence of Web 3.0, ASCII characters are no longer the only vector of attack, there is also Unicode, and Punycode characters to be concerned with. We already put in the work to fully understand and identify potential damages to your brand.

Once discovery is complete, we will present a comprehensive report to you and your staff outlining our options. Our next task is to work as an agent on your behalf to remove the threat and potential damage to your brand. Unfortunately, there is no way to just claim all names associated with your trademark or brand. We will work within your budget to acquire as many or all available names. If there are names associated with your brand that have already been claimed, we are very active in the Web 3.0 community and have ways to track down many of the domain owners and have the ability to negotiate on your behalf.


Considering the cost of filing a complaint to the US government is between $370-$500 (without attorney fees) and the average cost to fight a trademark infringement case is between $170,000 and $750,000, 0ur services are quite affordable. In many cases our initial assessment is well below the limits of a mid-managers credit card.

Take Action Now

The biggest key to protecting your trademark and your brand is to act NOW! Please fill out our form and a friend member of out staff will be more than happy to contact you at our earliest convienence.