New Web 3 and Handshake Domain Milestone – $10,001 SLD Sales

New Web 3 and Handshake Domain Milestone - $10,001 SLD Sales

New Web 3 and Handshake Domain Milestone – $10,001 SLD Sales

New Web 3 and Handshake Domain Milestone – $10,001 SLD Sales


It looks like the owner of the Handshake top-level domain. P/ is well on its way to making a nice return on its investment.  The top-level domain. P/ was initially purchased through a Viceroy auction on the 24th of December 2020 for 30,001 HNS or $2,823 US Dollars (HNS Price on this date was .09413). This domain was then resold on the secondary market on April 20, 2021, for the price of 375,000 HNS or $52,125 (HNS Price on this date was .139). 

$10,001 Handshake SLD Tweet gets my attention

While I was scrolling through my Twitter feed, I noticed a post from @NBdomains of a screenshot from Namecheap Marketplace where the second-level domain I.P sold for a whopping $10,001

New Web 3 and Handshake Domain Milestone - $10,001 SLD Sales
New Web 3 and Handshake Domain Milestone – $10,001 SLD Sales

Re-selling Second Level domains / Staking

You can currently stake your domain to resell second-level domains on Namebase and at Skyinclude / Impervious Currently, you cannot resell second-level domains on Namecheap. It appears that they are currently only offering second-level domains for the TLD’s that they own.  

Here is the list of the TLDs that Namecheap owns:

  • .creator
  • .elite
  • .ill
  • .oh
  • .oo
  • .oot
  • .orb
  • .p
  • .pgp
  • .saas
  • .sox

SLD on a Namecheap Name or OwnYour Own TLD?

If you go to the Namecheap Handshake Marketplace, you can browse through the multiple Handshake Domain second-level domains that are available for “Purchase” with a yearly fee. The beauty of Handshake is that we no longer need to live by the old ICANN business model and pay a central authority to lease a name annually. There are tons of opportunities out there to get into web 3.0 with an amazing name for a very minimal charge compared to Web 2.0.  Personally, I am focusing my investments on purchasing great top-level domains. In many cases, you will be able to find an amazing name in your vertical for less than the price of a second-level domain name at Namecheap. Start by looking at the marketplace at  Namebase or one of the other secondary marketplaces. 

SLD Versus TLD example.

Current prices for SLD “Girl” on Namecheap range from $34.98 to $200 a YEAR!

With all of the top-level domains available for well under $200 / let alone 200 a year, why wouldn’t this customer focus on finding the perfect name to OWN forever? My assumption is that there are folks out there banking on consumers not being informed and fully understanding Handshake Domains with the impression that resale value will be that of a name on a new top-level domain from ICANN.

The TLD Girl went for 4998 HNS or $528.79 US Dollars(HNS Price on this date was .1058)  on July 23, 2020. There is plenty of opportunity right now to get the brand name of a Fortune 100 company for just fractions of pennies on the dollar. You can win names at auction for free (only gas tax which is fractions of a penny).



I just want to say a great job on the First Major Second Level Domain Sale! This serves as a milestone for Handshake and the Handshake Community. I am very pleased to see what appears to be a great start in the SLD space. For the time being, I will continue to focus my efforts on acquiring great names for exact match search engine optimization and building my portfolio of flex names. I anticipate the low-supply names will be the first to go and quickly increase in price. When I say low supply, I am referring to 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 digits, 1,2, 3, 4, and 5 letters, and single emoji domains quickly followed by emoji sentences and emoji combinations. Time will obviously tell, please do not take this as investment advice, these are only my personal beliefs and predictions.  Do your own due diligence!!


New Web 3 and Handshake Domain Milestone New Web 3 and Handshake Domain Milestone Web 3.0 Features of Web 3.0


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