Make Money From Home With Handshake Domains and HNS

Make Money From Home With Handshake Domains and HNS

How to Make Money with Handshake Domains

There are thousands of influencers out there trying to show you the perfect way to make money from home. There is never a shortage of some perfectly dressed 20-something telling you how easy it is to become rich and retire. In this case, you don’t need to purchase anything, follow some crazy plan, or try to chase a method that is dead. Handshake Domains and HNS are here to revolutionize the internet. Don’t just take my word for it, look at the recent purchase of by Well, who is Namecheap? They are one of the largest domain name registrars on the planet that pulled in roughly 234 million dollars last year. They totally understand the domain name business and they are now betting on Handshake with the acquisition of

How much does it cost?

When I started buying handshake domains well over a year ago, I started with $100, but I have a friend that started with $10. We both found names that interested us and bought a few. My friend kind of forgot about it, he followed but was not actively purchasing names. I continued to dabble. At some point, I decided to try to resell a few names and see if there was any interest. Within a few weeks, I recovered my initial investment but continued to buy and resell. At this point in time, when you went to google and search for Handshake Domains, there may have been 2 pages with search results as opposed to the thousands of results that are returned now. As the project continued to gain momentum, I kept bugging my friend to jump back into actively buying. Since we have both been active in the buying and selling or TLDs or “Top Level Domains” on a Name base.

How hard is it?

Simple, once you deposit money into your account, you convert it to HNS with the click of a button on their webpage. Now you simply think of a great name, then click “Domain Search” and you are off to the races.

Handshake Domain

I think “My First Million Dollars” would be a great name, so here we go!


Handshake Domains

When placing your bid, you can place it in the bid or the blind. What’s the difference? The bid will be shown to everyone, and the public will be hidden until the time of the reveal. The auction process has two parts, the auction, and the reveal. Once the auction ends, the reveal period begins. This is when everyone can see the total bid on the name.

An example of Turning a Profit

Here is a perfect example of how people are making money with Handshake – Please note all prices referenced are reflecting an HNS price of .06 which is close to the price of HNS at the time of writing.

Handshake Domains


The name NFT Apes was initially sold without a bidder on March 22, 2021, for free. The bidder started the auction with a bid amount of 9.04 HNS and then a blind of 19.96 HNS making the total lockup for this name 29 HNS. Since no one else bid, this bidder purchases the name NFT Apes for 0 HNS and only had to pay gas fees which are routinely .001-.009 HNS or roughly .00006 cents at the time of writing.



Hopefully, this article helps to illustrate how simple it is to take a great name, and a very small amount of money, and turn it into huge returns. As time goes on the marketplace has become more and more popular. Several months ago, I would have great names complete the auction without a bid. Lately, names are getting scooped at the very last minute and daily there are many names selling for thousands of HNS. Good luck and I hope you make your first million with Handshake Domains.

Handshake Domains



At this point, the initial bid was $1.74, the purchase price was roughly .00006 cents.  The seller next took this name and re-listed it. It back to for a resale price of 1415 HNS or roughly $84.90. Someone saw the value in this name. Purchased it for 1415 HNS and immediately re-listed.The name for 10,000,000 HNS or $600,000. Will someone pay $600,000 for this name? More than likely not but in many cases. Sellers will price a name high like. This is in the hopes of getting visibility to it and in turn an offer. The key point of this article is to point out that someone took .00006 cents and turned it into $84. My 401k lost 25% of its value last year, I really wish I would have taken the same money. I dumped into my 401k and purchased more premium Handshake Domain names.



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