How to purchase HNS on on Web 3.0

How to purchase HNS on on Web 3.0

A quick article to show you how to buy HNS from

Hello, I referred many folks to Sign Up   (103 at the time of writing) and several folks struggled with adding money and purchasing HNS to be able to bid on names. Here is a quick guide to adding funds, purchasing HNS, and bidding on names:

Step 1:  Create An Account

Go to Sign Up and sign up for an account. Follow all verification procedures and proceed to step 2 for buying with USD and step 3 for buying with Bitcoin.



Step 2: Buying HNS with USD

  1. Go to click the drop-down arrow next to “BUY WITH BTC”, and select U.S. Dollars.
  2. Click Add a payment method, click Continue, select your bank, and then complete your bank’s login procedures.
  3. Input the amount of HNS you’d like to purchase, click Buy HNS, and then confirm your order by clicking Buy now.

Step 3: Buying HNS with Bitcoin

  1. Go to  then buy as much Bitcoin you wish to transfer to Namebase
  2. In your Portfolio, select Bitcoin and the Receive button, and copy the receiving address of your Coinbase wallet.
  3. Go to and enter the amount of BTC you want to convert to HNS in the Step 1 section, and paste the Coinbase receiving address in the Step 2 section
  4. Copy the address produced in Step 4—this is your Namebase account’s receiving address where you will send the BTC in your Coinbase account to
  5. Go back to Bitcoin in your Coinbase Portfolio and this time select the Send button, then paste your Namebase account’s receiving address into the “Recipient” field.

Closing: Welcome to Handshake on Web 3.0

Now that you have successfully added funds and purchased HNS, you can quickly and easily purchase Web 3.0 Handshake domains to enjoy, gift, resell, or sell SLD.

Please help us grow the Handshake community.

If you are interested in Handshake or Web 3.0 and would like to publish an article on HNS List, please send us an email.


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